Resumed Operations

The Afghanistan Analyst website is resuming activity. This site is the product of countless hours of work, compensated not in money, but in satisfaction in providing a useful resource for others. Despite lying dormant for nearly two years, this site continues to draw over 2,000 visitors per month who are searching for information about Afghanistan. The user base for this site exists, and we are now going to resume providing content for that user base.

The Afghanistan Analyst fills a specific niche among the many websites, weblogs, and organizations dedicated to Afghanistan. We do not conduct field research like AREU, provide daily analysis like AAN, or cover daily news like Colin Cookman’s outstanding Pakistan-Afghanistan Update. Instead, the Afghanistan Analyst helps to identify resources for researchers, scholars, and other academic-minded individuals to locate scholarly publications, documentation of field research, and other useful information relating to Afghanistan. This site’s audience is not policymakers, but rather the researchers and academics who do the difficult work of expanding knowledge and understanding of Afghanistan and who, hopefully, may go on to inform policymakers.

In the weeks ahead, existing resources on this site will be reviewed to remove or update broken hyperlinks. Newly published work will be featured in this blog. Newly located (but existing) work will be added to the site as it is found.

Recommendations are appreciated. If you have a forthcoming book, peer-reviewed journal article, or substantial research that is appropriate for inclusion, please let us know. If you are aware of an online resource that is of use to this site’s visitors, please let us know.

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