Monday Morning Legal Updates

A fifth edition of the Afghanistan Law Bibliography is long overdue. Rather than wait for a final product before posting new resources and links, a work-in-progress page will now be maintained under the Afghanistan Law Bibliography tab of the main menu. All new material being considered for inclusion will be posted there on Monday mornings. To be clear, “new” material refers to the material being newly discovered, not necessarily the most recently produced.

This will be a very raw information dump, with simply a title, URL, some basic information, and a short description. It is likely that not all material here will be included in the next edition. Some sources may be removed if, upon further review, the resources appear to be shoddy, outdated, redundant, not useful, et cetera. However, “perfect” being the enemy of “good enough,” it seems that a work-in-progress that is subject to change is of greater use than a refined but overdue update.

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