Research Spotlight

We are now ready to begin receiving unsolicited submissions of published works, unpublished academic drafts, dissertations, and related content.

Two primary motivators for reviving this website were to (1) to provide an online research portal for scholars, students, journalists, policy-makers, NGO/humanitarian workers, members of the armed forces, and others who want to better understand Afghanistan; and (2) to provide greater exposure to the work of researchers and scholars who focus upon Afghanistan. Most of the content on this site has been geared toward the first goal. We are now moving forward with the second.

Guidelines for unsolicited submissions of content are posted at the Research Spotlight link in the main menu above. Specific types of submissions that we accept include:
– Book summaries from authors who have recently published books
– Article summaries from authors of recently published, peer-reviewed articles
– Unpublished drafts from researchers seeking feedback
– Dissertation summaries from PhD candidates who recently completed their dissertations
– Master’s thesis summaries from authors whose thesis involves substantial field research

The intent is to provide a free means for authors to publicize their work and to enable users of this site to be more quickly alerted to new research as it is published. It is our hope that more researchers may more meaningfully contribute to the exchange of information and increase of knowledge, gain greater recognition for their work, and have another means of connecting with the community of researchers and scholars who study Afghanistan.

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