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The goal of The Afghanistan Analyst is to provide an online research portal for scholars, students, journalists, policy-makers, NGO/humanitarian workers, members of the armed forces and others who want to better understand Afghanistan.

This website is, by our own admission, biased towards the study of conflict and development. Subjects such as linguistics, fine arts, ancient history, etc… will be poorly served by this website. Current events, recent history, war, ethnicity, development, government, etc… will be the focus.

This website focuses primarily on sources in English, with a few sources in French and German.

The Afghanistan Analyst first appeared online in 2006. The creator of this website is Christian Bleuer, a PhD student at The Australian National University’s Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, The Middle East and Central Asia. There is no organizational affiliation for this website.

Please note: We do not have employees. We do not hire people. We can not find you a job in Afghanistan. We can not offer employment or travel advice either. And we can not help you get a visa to study or work in America, Europe or anywhere else.

Unfortunately, we can not reply to requests for information on the following matters: (1) questions about travel to or employment in Afghanistan, (2) questions about Afghanistan-related employment anywhere else, (3) requests for information about volunteering in Afghanistan, (4) requests for funding or grants, and (5) questions about the exact number of NGOs in Afghanistan.

And please do not send us your CV. This is a volunteer operation and we do not employ anybody.

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