Afghanistan Law Bibliography


This bibliography is intended to be an up-to-date resource for legal study and research pertaining to modern Afghanistan (1747 and later). The bibliography is also available in PDF format. This online version is substantially similar to the PDF, but may be more user-friendly for individuals who wish to navigate throughout the document with the hyperlinks provided, or click on outbound links without encountering warning messages from their PDF viewer.

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1. Afghan Law, in General

Online Directories and Collections

2. Islamic Law, in General

2.1 Fundamentals of Islamic Law


2.2 Islamic Legal History (all books)

2.3 Special Topics (all articles)

3 Afghan Legal History

3.1 Afghan Legal History, in General

3.2 Customary Law in Afghanistan

3.3 Islamic Law in Afghanistan

3.4 Afghan State Law

4. Constitutional Law
5. The State Judiciary
6. Informal Dispute Resolution
7. Family Law
8. Property Law
9. Criminal Law
10. Human Rights

Some sources are only available through legal search engines, such as Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis, or through academic databases such as JSTOR. Hyperlinks are provided to sources that are freely available. For most books, hyperlinks are provided to Google Books because this often offers a free preview and multiple options to purchase the book if one cannot be obtained from a nearby library. Hyperlinks to Google Books are not endorsements of any merchants listed by Google.

With all hyperlinks, care has been taken to only link to sites that are not malicious and that post materials that appear to be lawful and comply with copyright laws. However, websites occasionally change owners, rename files, or are targeted by malicious hackers. Users of this bibliography assume all risk when clicking on links to third-party sites.

Changes from the 3rd Edition
In this edition, I added or replaced approximately 25 references. This edition retains the organization of the third edition, but includes an additional section for dispute resolution involving warlords and the Taliban, and additional subsections within the section on Islamic law. Since finalizing the third edition, hyperlinks to several documents changed, and some documents appeared to no longer be online at all. For those documents that were freely available, but that I could not relocate while compiling this edition, I uploaded backups to the site and changed the hyperlinks to reflect this. I also corrected outdated hyperlinks. For several hyperlinks, particularly those in the Islamic Law section, there appears to be a problem when I convert the bibliography from an MS Word file to an Adobe PDF file. The URL works fine before this conversion, but some hyperlinks do not function after conversion. If a hyperlink does not work, try pasting the author and title into Google.

As before, I have attempted to categorize articles according to the area of law that they place most focus upon. Recognizing that this is a subjective decision and many readers will expect some articles to be in different locations, most sections have a few cross reference recommendations and notes to highlight likely areas of overlap.

Other Notes
Please forward recommendations for the organization and content of this bibliography (errors, omissions, and bad hyperlinks) to: timothy[dot]mathews[at]maine[dot]edu or contact[at]afghanistan-analyst[dot]org, or direct suggestions to me on Twitter (@timmathews).

Timothy Mathews