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Writings and Statements of Ashraf Ghani

The writings of Ashraf Ghani are likely to provide insight into his plans for Afghanistan as he begins his term as President. If there is one theme to his writings over the last 10 years, it is sovereignty and state-building. … Continue reading

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Call for Abstracts

The Max Planck Foundation and the Hamida Barmaki Organization are inviting Afghan and international scholars to submit abstracts for their upcoming Afghan Legal Studies Conference and for the newly founded Yearbook of Afghan Legal Studies. The conference will be held … Continue reading

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NATO Beyond Afghanistan

By Steve Saideman In the summit in Wales last week, NATO tried to put Afghanistan in the rearview mirror, but its legacy will continue to shape the organization for years to come. Much of the focus in Wales was on … Continue reading

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A Discussion About Afghanistan with Former Taliban Prisoner Paul Refsdal

By Suzanne Schroeder Note: This paper is drawn from an interview with Paul Refsdal, a Norwegian journalist kidnapped by the Taliban while filming members of the organization in 2009. Mr. Refsdal was very candid, discussing a variety of issues, such … Continue reading

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Research Spotlight

We are now ready to begin receiving unsolicited submissions of published works, unpublished academic drafts, dissertations, and related content. Two primary motivators for reviving this website were to (1) to provide an online research portal for scholars, students, journalists, policy-makers, … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Legal Updates

A fifth edition of the Afghanistan Law Bibliography is long overdue. Rather than wait for a final product before posting new resources and links, a work-in-progress page will now be maintained under the Afghanistan Law Bibliography tab of the main … Continue reading

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Power-Sharing in Afghanistan

Following a second round of voting in the Afghan Presidential election, allegations of fraud led to a potential political crisis. To avert the potential crisis, the two candidates in the run-off election, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, are reported to … Continue reading

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Resumed Operations

The Afghanistan Analyst website is resuming activity. This site is the product of countless hours of work, compensated not in money, but in satisfaction in providing a useful resource for others. Despite lying dormant for nearly two years, this site … Continue reading

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