Australiasian Digital Theses

NOTE: This page is no longer being updated as of April 2013.

You will find these theses on the ADT website:

The dissertations and theses listed below are all available for purchase through the website. Search for the entry on the search page and the result summary for the entry will have a link to the university library document service that offers the document. If you are in Australia at a University there are of course other ways to get these theses. Consult your librarian.
Bezhan, Faridullah. (2003) The emergence and development of modern fiction in Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Monash University, 2003.

Cigler, Michael J. (1983) The Afghans in Australia. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Columbia Pacific University.

Fitzhardinge, Hope Verity (Hewitt) (1968) The establishment of the north-west frontier of Afghanistan, 1884-1888. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Australian National University.

Hale, W. M. (1966) Afghanistan, Britain and Russia, 1905-21. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Australian National University.

Kemp, Joanna. (year?) Afghan refugee women: their struggle continues in Melbourne. University of Queensland. Thesis MSPD (Prof).

Koepke, Bruce E. (2002) The impact of political Islam on cultural practices in Badakhshan, Afghanistan, during the Taliban era. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Australian National University.

Laffey, Jennifer. (1999) Demographic and injury characteristics of landmine victims in Afghanistan, 1992-1996. Thesis (Ph. D.) — University of Sydney.

Liechti-Stucki, Anna Elisabeth. (1991) The Ersari Türkmen of Afghanistan : some aspects of social and economic organization and change in a central Asian Türkic society. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Australian National University.

Lockyer, Adam (2008) Foreign Intervention and Warfare in Civil Wars: The Effect of Exogenous Resources on the Course and Nature of the Angolan and Afghan Conflicts, PhD dissertation, Faculty of Economics and Business, The University of Sydney.

Mendes, Susan M. (1988) Nutritional, health and socioeconomic status of Afghan refugees in Baluchistan Province, Pakistan. Thesis (M.P.H.)–University of Sydney.

Uberoi, Jitendra Pal Singh. (1964) Social organization of the Tajiks of Andarab Valley, Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Australian National University.

Waxman, Peter. (1998) The initial post-arrival adjustment process of recently arrived humanitarian entrants: a case study of entrants from Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan in Sydney, Australia. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Technology, Sydney, 1998.