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Arens, Hans Jürgen. (1973, 1974) Die Stellung der Energiewirtschaft im Ent-wicklungsprozess Afghanistans. Meisenheim am Glan : A. Hain, (Afghanische Studien.; Bd. 13). Originally presented as the author’s thesis, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 1973.

Baron, Lloyd I. Z. (1975) The water supply constraint: an evaluation of irrigation projects and their role in the development of Afghanistan.Thesis (Ph.D.)–McGill University.

Bartlotti, Leonard N. 2000. Negotiating Pakhto: proverbs, Islam and the construction of identity among Pashtuns Thesis (Ph.D.)–University of Wales.

Bilgrami, Asghar H. (1972, 1954) Afghanistan and British India, 1793-1907 : a study in foreign relations. New Delhi: Sterling Publishers, [1972]. Based on the author’s thesis, Aligarh Muslim University, 1954.

Chakravarty, Suhash. (1976) From Khyber to Oxus: a study in imperial expansion. New Delhi : Orient Longman. A revision of the author’s thesis, University of Cambridge.

DeNeufville, Peter Bayon. (2006) Ahmad Shah Massoud and the genesis of the nationalist anti-Communist movement in Northeastern Afghanistan 1969-1979. Thesis (PhD.)–University of London.

Dilthey, Helmtraut. (1971, 1990) Versammlungsplätze im dardo-kafirischen Raum. Wiesbaden: in Kommission bei Otto Harrassowitz, 1971. Series (Dissertationsreihe des Südasiens-Instituts der Universität Heidelberg. Bd. 11.)

Giustozzi, Antonio. (1997) War, politics and society in Afghanistan 1978-1992. University of London, 1997. Note: Published as a book.

Grasselli, Gabriella. (1990) British and American responses to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan: a case study of British and American foreign policies and the ’special relationship’. University of Bristol, 1990.

Habberton, William. (1934) Anglo-Russian relations concerning Afghanistan, 1837- 1907. Abstract of thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Illinois.

Kakar, M. Hasan. (1971) Afghanistan: a study in international political developments, 1880-1896. Thesis (M.Phil.)–University of London.

Hilali, Agha Zahid Ali. (2002) US – Pakistan partnership in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 1979-88: causes, dynamics and consequences. Hull: University of Hull, PhD.

Hussain, S. Iftikhar. (2000, 1990) Some major Pukhtoon tribes along the Pak-Afghan border [edited by M.Y. Effendi]. Peshawar: Area Study Centre Peshawar and Hanns Seidel Foundation, 2000. Originally a PhD. thesis: Peshawar University, 1990.

Koplik, Sara Beth. (2003) The demise of the Jewish community in Afghanistan, 1933-1952. Thesis (Ph.D.)–University of London, 2003.

Marwat, Fazal-ur-Rahim Khan.(1997, 1992) The evolution and growth of communism in Afghanistan, 1917-79: an appraisal / Fazal-ur-Rahim Marwat. Karachi: Royal Book Co, 1997. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Peshawar, 1992.

McChesney, R. D. (1991) Waqf in Central Asia : four hundred years in the history of a Muslim shrine, 1480-1889. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1991.

Mills, Margaret Ann. (1990, 1978) Oral narrative in Afghanistan : the individual in tradition / Margaret A. Mills. New York ; London : Garland, 1990. Thesis: Oral narrative in Afghanistan: the individual in tradition. Harvard University, 1978.

Misdaq, Nabi. (2003) Political frailty, national integration and external interference: causes and consequences of the Communist coup and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph.D.)-University of Sussex, Jul 2003.

Mousavi, Sayed Askar. (1991) The Hazaras of Afghanistan: an historical, cultural, economic and political study. University of Oxford, 1991.

Mudarris, Muḥammad Maḥrūs ʿAbd al-Laṭīf. (1977) Mashāyikh Balkh min al-Ḥanafīyah wa-mā infaradū bi-hi min al-masāʾil al-fiqhīyah / Muḥammad Maḥrūs ʿAbd al-Laṭīf al-Mudarris. Publisher [Baghdād] : al-Jumhūrīyah al-ʿIrāqīyah, Wizārat al-Awqāf, [1978-1979]. Series (Ihyāʾ al-turāth al-Islāmī) (Silsilat al-kutub al-ḥadīthah ; 13) Dissertation thesis (doctoral)–Jāmiʿat al-Azhar, Cairo, 1977.

Rao, Aparna. (1980, 1982) Les Ġorbat d’Afghanistan: aspects économiques d’un groupe itinérant “J̌at” Paris : Éditions Recherche sur les civilisations, 1982. Series (Bibliothèque iranienne / Institut français d’iranologie de Téhéran ; no 27) ( Mémoire ; no 14). Dissertation thesis _ Université de Paris-Sorbonne, 1980.

Samuelsson, Jan. (1975) Islam i Afganistan-under kung Muhammed Zahir shah. En studie av moderniseringsprocessens följder för islams ställning i Afganistan. Publisher: Stockholm.

Schetter, Conrad J. (2003) Ethnizität und ethnische Konflikte in Afghanistan. Berlin : Reimer. Originally presented as the author’s dissertation.

Skuse, Andrew. (1999) ’Negotiated outcomes’: an ethnography of the production and consumption of a BBC World Service soap opera for Afghanistan. University of London, 1999.

Snoy, Peter. (1962) Die Kafiren: Formen der Wirtschaft und geistigen Kultur. [Germany : s.n.], 1962 (Giessen : Chemoprint). Thesis (doctoral)–Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, 1962.

Steul, Willi. (1978, 1981) Paschtunwali : ein Ehrenkodex und seine rechtliche Relevanz / von Willi Steul. Series ( Beiträge zur Südasienforschung / Südasien-Institut, Universität Heidelberg ; Bd.54). Thesis (doctoral) – Universität Heidelberg, 1978.

Taizi, Sher Zaman. (1991) The Saur revolution (1978-86) / Sher Zaman Taizi. Peshawar : Frontier Post Publications. Originally presented as the author’s thesis (doctoral–University of Peshawar) under the title: A political analysis of Saur revolution.

Tripathi, Ganga Prasad, (1973, 1963)Indo-Afghan relations, 1882-1907 / G.P. Tripathi. New Delhi : Kumar Bros., 1973. A revision of the author’s thesis, University of Delhi, 1963.

Verdirame, Guglielmo. (2001) UN accountability for violation of human rights / Guglielmo Verdirame. Thesis (Ph.D.)-University of London, 2001.

Wieland-Karimi, Almut. (1997, 1998) Islamische Mystik in Afghanistan : die strukturelle Einbindung der Sufik in die Gesellschaft / von Almut Wieland-Karimi. Stuttgart : Steiner, 1998. Series ( Beiträge zur Südasienforschung ; Bd.182). Thesis (Ph.D.)-Humboldt-Universität, Berlin 1997.

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