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NOTE: This page is no longer being updated as of April 2013.

The Theses Canada website says they will lend to libraries worldwide through various interlibrary loan programs. If you are at an American University some of these theses are accessible by logging into Worldcat through your library website. Note that some of these theses are on microform.

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Last updated: January 11, 2008.
Baron, Lloyd I. Z. (1975) The water supply constraint: an evaluation of irrigation projects and their role in the development of Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph.D.)–McGill University.

Blaxland, John C. (2004) Strategic cousins: Canada, Australia and their use of expeditionary forces from the Boer War to the War on Terror. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Royal Military College of Canada.

Camins, Benjamin. (1978) British expansion in Afghanistan, Burma and Malaya, 1880-1885: a study of the imperial decision-making process. Thesis (Ph.D.)–University of Toronto.

Dimick, Sarah A. C. (2006) Democracy and the reconstruction in Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Carleton University.

French, Michelle. (2005) Between agency and structure: situating Canadian war reportage in Afghanistan, 2001-2002. Thesis (M.J.)–Carleton University.

Gilmour, Erica M. (2007) A woman’s work: exploring gender roles and agriculture in Charikar, Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Carleton University.

Groza, Liviu. (1990) La politique soviétique vis-à-vis l’Afghanistan de 1954 à 1979. Thèse (M.A.)–Université du Québec à Montréal.

Hadaway, Benjamin W. (2006) Lampreys under a shark: embedded news reporters and the military in the 21st century. Thesis (M.J.)–Carleton University, 2006.

Hirji, Faiza. (2003) The woman behind the man: politicized portrayals of Afghan Muslim women in wartime. Thesis (M.A.)–Carleton University.

Hussain, Mohammad. (2004) The Hazaras of Afghanistan: a study of ethnic relations. Thesis (M.A.)–McGill University.

Jorgensen, Deborah Lee. (2005) Gender, culture and security: the role of the U.S. in post-conflict Afghanistan. Thesis (LL.M.)–University of Toronto.

Lemieux, Marc A. (2002) From Baghdad to Kabul: the implications of coalition airpower for international humanitarian law and action. Thesis (M.A.)–McGill University.

McCaskill, Allison A. (2005) An alliance divided: the transatlantic relationship’s transition from the Cold War into the post-9/11 security environment. Thesis (M.A.)–Dalhousie University.

Pagé, Charles. (2002) Involvement based on identitive affinities: the case of Iran. Thesis (M.A.)–McGill University.

Peabody, David. (2005) The challenges of doing good work: the development of Canadian forces CIMIC capability and NGOs. Thesis (M.S.S.)–University of Calgary.

Peyawary, Ahmad Shah. (1992) The appropriateness of the vocabulary and the topics contained in the grades 7-12 English as a foreign language textbooks in Afghan Mujahideen high schools in Pakistan to the objectives of current Afghan education. Thesis (M.Ed.)–University of Manitoba.

Ramsey, Gillian Catherine. (2005) Kingship in Hellenistic Bactria (Afghanistan, Tajikistan). Thesis (M.A.)–University of Victoria.

Samad, Khorshied. (2006) Afghan women, media and democracy: emerging democracy in post-Taliban Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Ottawa.

Strassburger, Brad. (2005) The inadequate dominance of realism: an analysis of the United States war on terror (Iraq, Afghanistan). Thesis (M.A.)–Brock University.

Varghese, Anupa Ann. (2005) Experiences of displacement, migration, and settlement among Afghans in Ottawa. Thesis (M.A.)–Carleton University.

Wesa, Tooryalai. (2002) The Afghan agricultural extension system: impact of the Soviet occupation and prospects for the future. Thesis (Ph.D.)–University of British Columbia.

Witol, Gregory L. (1995) Expected-utility theory, prospect theory, and war: explaining decision making in the Franco-Prussian war, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Dalhousie University.

Youssofzai, Fahim. (2003) Management strategique et performance des systemes organisationnels engages dans la lutte contre la pauvrete. Thèse (Ph.D.)–Universite de Montreal.