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Aaftaab, Naheed G. (2004) Developing educated Afghan women: a critical case study. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Washington.

Abawi, Khalil Ahmad. (1962) Der Kampf des pachtunischen Volkes um die Unabhängigkeit seiner Heimat Pachtunistan: ein Selbstbestimmungsproblem in Zentralasien. Thesis (doctoral)–Rechts- und Staatswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität zu Freiburg im Breisgau.

Abdullah, Ziaï. (1980) Les experiences de planification dans les pays sous-developpes l’exemple de l’Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Grenoble.

Abebe, Ermias. (1994) The vanguard party: imperial instrument of Soviet-Third World policy (1976-1986): (a comparative study of Soviet party-to-party relations with Afghanistan and Ethiopia). Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Maryland at College Park.

Abhat, Yasin M. (1989) Afghan higher education in the nineties: general policy guidelines. Project (M.A.)–California State University, Sacramento.

Ahadyar, Niaz M. (1987, 1975) Orientation toward time among educated vs. uneducated Afghans: a report. Thesis (Ed. D.)–University of Pennsylvania.

Ahmadyar, M. Nabi. (1977) A Survey and analysis of primary school curriculum development in Afghanistan from 1966 to 1976. Thesis–University of Ottawa.

Aharon, Sara. 2008. Afghani Jewry past and present: an examination of the Jewish community of Afghanistan and its relocation to the United States. Senior honors thesis–Brandeis University.

Ahung, Mohammed Kazem. (1965) The press system of Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Michigan State University.

Akram, Assem. (1996) La guerre d’Afghanistan (1978-1992) les causes et les effets de l’intervention sovietique en Afghanistan de la primature de Daoud à l’après-guerre (1953-1996). Thesis (doctoral)–Université de Paris IV: Paris-Sorbonne.

Aleman, Andrea Carolina. (2005) Reduced sovereignty during the state reconstruction process: a comparative analysis of Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Texas at San Antonio.

Alizo, Mohammed Ghous. (1954) The agricultural economy of Afghanistan and the problem confronting the development of a commercialized agriculture. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Texas at Austin.

Allan, Nigel J. R. (1978, 1979) Men and crops in the central Hindukush. Dissertation Thesis–Syracuse University.

Ames, Todd Trowbridge. (1992) Factors affecting the repatriation of the Afghan refugees. Thesis (M.S.)–Portland State University.

Amini, Mohammed Azim. (1956) Foreign policy of Afghanistan, 1919-1955. Thesis (M.A.)–American University.

Amiryar, Quadir A. (1990, 1989) Soviet influence, penetration, domination and invasion of Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–George Washington University, 1989.

al-Amri, Abdullah Sager. (1990) The doctrine of jihad in Islam and its application in the context of the Islamic jihad movement in Afghanistan, 1979-1988. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Idaho.

Anderson, Jon W. (1980, 1979) Doing Pakhtu: social organization of the Ghilzai Pakhtun. Thesis–University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Anderson, Kelly. (2006) Cover story: the rhetorical construction of Afghan women in a Time feature. Thesis (M.A.)–University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Andreyev, Sergei. (1997) History and doctrine of the Rawshani movement. Thesis (D. Phil.)–University of Oxford.

Aqa, Mir. (1987, 1978) The perceptions of high school vocational agriculture teachers and their graduates as to curricular needs for vocational agriculture in Afghanistan. Thesis (Ed. D.)–Oklahoma State University.

Arefi, Abdul Ghafoor. (1978, 1975) Urban policies, planning and implementation in Kabul, Afghanistan. Dissertation Thesis–Indiana University.

Arens, Hans Jürgen. (1974) Die Stellung der Energiewirtschaft im Ent-wicklungsprozess Afghanistans. Publication: Meisenheim am Glan : A. Hain. Dissertation: Added thesis t.p. in Persian: Maqam-i iqtisad-i inirzhi dar inkishaf-i Afghanistan.

Armey, Laura Elizabeth. (2004) Understanding the chaos and breakdown of Afghanistan’s political economy: a game theoretic approach. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Southern California.

Armstrong, Sally. (2001) Missing in access: a feminist critique of international documents that pertain to the human right of adolescent girls to access to health services and their impact on young women in Afghanistan and in Canada. Thesis (M.S.)–University of Toronto.

Aseer, Abdul Manan. (1983, 2003) Afghanistan im politischen Spannungsfeld zwischen den Grossmächten in den 1950er Jahren. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Universität Hamburg.

Ashraf, Mohammad. (1995) The Effects of the Russian invasion on the agriculture of Afghanistan: a retrospect and prospects. Thesis (M.S.)–Central Missouri State University.

Asiel, Murad Ali. (1974, 1978) Economic analysis of water resources projects in developing countries: a case study of the Helmand-Arghandab Valleys Projects in Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Colorado.

Arreguin-Toft, Ivan Michael. (1998) Arts of darkness: barbarism & guerrilla warfare in asymmetric conflict. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Chicago.

Ashraf, Mohammad. (1995) The effects of the Russian invasion on the agriculture of Afghanistan: a retrospect and prospects. Thesis (M.S.)–Central Missouri State University.

Ayubzai, Mohammad Yahya. (1989) Soviet-Afghan relations in a historical perspective. Thesis (M.A.)–San Francisco State University.

Aziz, Sultan A. (1984) Pushtun political tribal structure: barrier to Soviet penetration. Thesis (M.A.)–Bowling Green State University.

Azoy, G. Whitney. (1979) Buzkashi–so that his name shall rise. Dissertation: Thesis–University of Virginia.

Azoy, G. Whitney. (1976) Buzkashi–game as institution. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Virginia.

Bacon, Elizabeth Emaline. (1951) The Hazara Mongols of Afghanistan: a study in social organization. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of California.

Bahram, Ghulam Mohammad. (1979, 1977) The role of the extension supervisor as perceived by extension personnel in Afghanistan. Dissertation thesis–University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Baiza, Yahia. (2002) Issues and challenges of higher education for Afghan Ismaili refugees in Pakistan. Thesis (M. Sc.)–University of Oxford.

Bakhshi, Abdul Samad (1958) Rural development in Afghanistan and suggestions for implementation of an expanded program, training of personnel and organization needed for its efficient operation. Thesis (M.S.)–Cornell Univiversity.

Baron, Lloyd I. Z. (1975) The water supply constraint: an evaluation of irrigation projects and their role in the development of Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–McGill University.

Barfield, Thomas J. (1981) The Central Asian Arabs of Afghanistan: Pastoral Nomadism in Transition. Austin : University of Texas Press. Originally published as a dissertation.

Barton, Reed McDaniell. (2005) A global solution: small-systems water sanitation for developing nations. Project (B.S.)–James Madison University.

Baryalay, Haroon Jan. (2005) The jirga as a dispute resolution body and the case for its official recognition by the state. Thesis (LL. M.)–Harvard Law School.

Batson, Michael. (2003) Borderless states and transnational forces: the emergence of the Taleban and the regional consequences of state failure in Afghanistan, 1978-2002. Thesis (M.A.)–Victoria University of Wellington.

Bathija, Sham N. (1977) A comparative study of the foreign policies of Afghanistan and Pakistan in regard to the emergence of Pashtunistan. Madison: Drew University. Thesis (M.A.)–Drew.

Beg, Salman.(1987) The problems of Pakistan’s national security since 1979. Thesis (M.M.A.S.)–U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Bhatty, Saad. (1987) Impact of the Afghan refugees on Pakistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Florida International University.

Billeaudeaux, Michael Andre. (2003) Selling two wars: the Bush administration’s wartime communication strategies and elite press response. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Washington.

Borer, Douglas Anthony. (1993) Superpowers defeated: a comparison of Vietnam and Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Boston University.

Borer, Douglas A. (1988) Soviet foreign policy toward Afghanistan, 1919-1988. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Montana.

Boronbekov, Sultonbek. (1996) Afganskoe ugolovnoe pravo istoriia i sovremennost.’ Abstract of thesis (doktor iuridicheskikh nauk)–Moskovskii iuridicheskii institut MVD Rossii.

Boyd, Richard E. (1987, 1988) The rhetorical transformation of Soviet/American war rhetoric in the U.N. Security Council. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Brzozowski, James Victor. (2001) U.S. newspaper coverage of the Afghanistan and Chechen conflicts: the framing of Russia in changing times. Thesis (M.A.)–Southwest Texas State University.

Burgei, Mohammad Taher. (1970) Der Einfluss des kontinental-westeuropäischen Rechts auf den allgemeinen Teil des afghanischen Handelsgesetzbuches von 1955: mit einem einleitenden Uberblick über die Grundlagen der in Afghanistan herrschenden Rechts-systeme. Dissertation thesis–Hamburg.

Burhan, Mohammad Esmael. (1987, 1972) Bilingual education for Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Texas at Austin.

Burki-Liebl, Shireen K. (2007) The politics of state intervention: state policy and the status of women in Pakistan (1947-2006) and Afghanistan (1919-2006). Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Utah.

Campbell, Victoria Joan Hulse. (2006) Soviet military intelligence in the Soviet-Afghan war: applying the lessons of history or doomed to repetition? Thesis (M.A.)–Harvard University.

Carlson, Louis Davidson. (1986) The law of armed conflict in internal conflicts: the Afghanistan conflict. Thesis (LL. M.)–George Washington University.

Centlivres, Pierre. (1970) Un bazar d’Asie centrale: forme et organisation du bazar de Tashqurghan (Afghanistan). Dissertation: Thése–Université de Neuchâtel.

Chen, Eirene Hsin-Yuan. (2005) Illuminating the unseen in community peacebuilding : lessons learned from the first year of Coexistence Afghanistan.Thesis (M.A. in Conflict Transformation) — School for International Training.

Choi, Jy Hyun. (2007) Equation for sovereignty: how the Taliban failed to maintain its autonomy. Thesis (B.A. with honors)–Amherst College.

Chopard, Jean-Luc. (1989) U.S.-Soviet rivalry in Afghanistan: factors that inhibited crisis prevention strategies. Thesis (M.A.)–San Diego State University.

Collins, Joseph J. (1984) Afghanistan: a case study in the use of force in Soviet foreign policy. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Columbia University.

Connell, Frances Garrett. (1982, 1987) The authoring of selves: literary and its indigenous forms in a traditional Afghan town. Thesis (Ed. D.)–Teacher’s College, Columbia University.

Connor, Kerry M. (1988, 1987) An analysis of residential choice among self-settled Afghan refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Cook, Daniel Lewis. (2000) Crisis in Kabul: the kidnapping and assassination of Ambassador Adolph Dubs, February 14, 1979. Thesis (M.A.)–North Carolina State University.

Cox, David Corey. (1991) Soviet counterinsurgency doctrine and strategy in Afghanistan: an operational assessment of the campaign. Thesis (Ph. D.)–George Washington University.

Cressman, Derek. (1990) Afghanistan: a catalyst for change: what intervention in Afghanistan reveals about Soviet foreign policy goals. Thesis (B.A.)–Williams College.

Dabeer, Abdul Wahid. (1965) Physical education and recreation in Afghanistan. Thesis (M.S.)–George Williams College.

Dada, Habibullah. (1968) A model for program development and its implication to the extension service of the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture. Thesis (M.S.)–University of Wisconsin.

Daley, Tad. (1995) Gorbachev and Afghanistan, the Soviet debate over the lessons of Afghanistan, and consequent directions in Russian foreign policy. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Rand Graduate School of Policy Studies.

Daftarie, Mohammed Osman. (1966) Die Neutralität Afghanistans. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Freiburg im Breisgau. Universität.

Damsleth, Bente. (2003) Coping with disrupted lives: a study of Afghan girls and their family networks. Thesis (Cand. Polit.)–University of Oslo.

Dawar, Heider. (1975) Die Bedeutung der Zollpolitik für die industrielle Entwicklung wirtschaftlich zurückgebliebener Räume: dargestellt am Beisp. Afghanistans. Berlin: Duncker und Humblot. Dissertation: Habilitationsschrift–Bonn.

DeBolt, Joseph W. (1988) Soviet military-political doctrine and action in Afghanistan: a question of consistency. Thesis (M.A.)–Central Michigan University.

Delgado, Joseph Antonio. (2006) Troubling parallels: an analysis of America’s inability to overcome the obstacles that led to the defeat of the Red Army in the Soviety-Afghan war. Thesis (M.A.)–Ohio State University.

DeSoto, Ashleigh. (2002) Relating culture and structure: revolution and counterrevolution in Iran and Afghanistan. Honors paper–Southwestern University, Georgetown, Tex.

Dessart, Laurent. (2000) Les Pachtounes: économie et culture d’une aristocratie guerrière (Afghanistan-Pakistan). Th. doct. –Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, Paris.

Dichter, David. (1960) Pakhtunistan: a study in political geography. Thesis (M.A.)–Clark University.

Dimick, Sarah A. C. (2005) Democracy and the reconstruction in Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Carleton University.

Dixon, Donald Wayne. (1986) The Soviet Union and Afghanistan’s mineral and hydrocarbon development, 1950-1979. Thesis (M.A.)–Mississippi State University.

Dubé, Steven. (2006) Hegemonic transnationalism: a study of states and social movements. Thesis (M.A.)–DePaul University.

Dulaney, Michael R. (2001) Iran, Algeria and Afghanistan: a historical analysis of revoultion in an Islamic state. Thesis (M.S.)–Troy State University.

Duncan, Keith Tillman. (1994) The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the United States response. Thesis (M.S. in D.S.S)–Southwest Missouri State University.

Easterly, Edwin Michael. (1987, 1974) Impact of the Afghanistan Ministry of Education curriculum and textbook project on primary school student learning. Thesis (Ed. D.)–Teachers College, Columbia University.

Ebert, Todd B. (2001) The Taliban and Islamic fundamentalism in central Asia. Thesis (M.S.)–Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.).

Eltezam, Zabioullah A. (1967) Problems of economic development and resource allocation in Afghanistan. PhD Thesis–Wayne State University, Dept. of Economics.

Fairchild, Frank Louis. (1977) A catalog of teaching competencies for the preservice and inservice training of primary teachers in Afghanistan. Teachers College, New York. Dissertation: Report (Ed. D.)

Falcione, Fabrizia. (2000) Aspetti dei movimenti di resistenza in Afghanistan: 1979-1985. Dissertation: Thesis (Laurea in International Political Sciences)–Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore – Milano.

Farid, Fazle Rabbi. (1960) Afghanistan and the United States of America: (a study of their relations). Thesis (M.A.)–American University.

Farooq, Faisal Khan. (1996) Toward a contextualized approach for managing the Afghan crisis. Thesis (A.L.M.)–Harvard University.

Farouq, Ghulam. (1975) Socio-economic aspects of land settlement in Helmand Valley, Afghanistan. Thesis (M.S.)–American University of Beirut.

Fazel’, Akhmad. (1997) Politicheskii protsess v sovremennom Afganistane. Moskva: In-t molodezhi. Dissertation: Abstract of Thesis (kandidat filosofskikh nauk)–In-t molodezhi.

Fedai, Zia Mohamad. (1967) Energy: a handbook for science teachers in Afghan middle schools. Thesis (Ed.D.)–Teachers College, Columbia University.

Fehn, Erin. (2004) A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive: cultural heritage in Afghanistan. Thesis (A.B., Honors in the History of Art and Architecture)–Harvard University.

Fletcher, Arnold Charles. (1953) A history of the Afghan nation. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Southern California.

Fluri, Jennifer L. (2005) Beyond the burqa: the spatial politics of Afghanistan’s revolutionary women. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Pennsylvania State University.

Forgash, Jason Drew. (2005) Killing jihadists: taking up Britain’s nineteenth century burden. Thesis (M.A.)–California State University, Fullerton.

Forkin, Keith Alden. (2003) Why Taliban and Al Qaeda detainees located at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are unlawful combatants subject to prosecution before U.S. military commissions. Thesis (LL. M.)–George Washington University.

Franck, Peter Goswyn. (1954) Foreign aid and economic development in Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D. in Economics)–University of California, Berkeley.

Franks, Michael Joseph. (1996) An examination of foreign involvement in civil wars: Somalia, 1991 to -, Afghanistan, 1979 to – . Thesis (M.A.)–University of Arizona.

French, Michelle. (2005) Between agency and structure: situating Canadian war reportage in Afghanistan, 2001-2002. Thesis (M.J.)–Carleton University.

Gabriel, Damon Jon. (2004) The dominion of the bear: the Kremlin’s strategy in the southern tier. Thesis (M.S.)–Southwest Missouri State University, 2004.

Gardner, Lauren Joanna. (2004) The Hazaras of Afghanistan : a people in need of hope. Thesis (B.A.)–Toccoa Falls College.

Ghani, Ashraf. (1982) Production and domination: Afghanistan, 1747-1901. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Columbia University.

Ghosh, Teesta. (1995) The role of varying perceptions and bargaining strategies in the formation and dissipation of an international crisis: the Soviet intervention and withdrawal from Afghanistan (1979-1989). Thesis (Ph. D.)–Tulane University.

Ghufran, Nasreen. (2004) The politics of repatriation: a case of Afghan refugee repatriation from Pakistan 1989-2003. Thesis (Ph.D.)–University of Peshawar.

Gibbs, Edward Alexander. (1996, 1995) Agency without an adversary: the CIA and covert actions in the nineteen-eighties and beyond. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Gilmour, Erica M. (2007) A woman’s work: exploring gender roles and agriculture in Charikar, Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Carleton University.

Glaudell, Kenneth Ray. (1996) An Afghan of unknown views: Sayyid Jamal al-Din al-Afghani and the role of Shi’ism in Islamic political thought. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Godiksen, Lois Hansen. (1987, 1974) Modernizing Afghanistan: a symbolic interactionist approach. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Northwestern University.

Gokkilam Ammaiyappan. (2004) The feasibility of implementing a microcredit program in Afghanistan. Thesis (M.B.A.)–Nanyang Technological University.

Goodson, Larry P. (1990) Refugee-based insurgency: the Afghan case. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Gottschalk, Marcus Charles. (2007) Afghanistan in the new great game. Paper (M. A.)–New Mexico Highlands University.

Granville, Johanna C. (1992) Soviet decision: a comparative analysis of the interventions in Hungary (1956), Czechoslovakia (1968), and Afghanistan (1979). Thesis (Ph. D.)–Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Granzow, Diane (1982) The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan: a new great game in Central Asia? Thesis (M.A.)–University of Virginia.

Grasselli, Gabriella. (1990) British and American responses to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan: a case study of British and American foreign policies and the “special relationship.” Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Bristol.

Greenberg, Robert M. (1973) A study of the congruence of the student personnel services of Kabul University with student demographic trends and the expressed needs, desires, and opinions of students. Thesis (Ed. D.)–Indiana University.

Gregorian, Vartan. (1964)The emergence of modern Afghanistan: politics of modernization, 1880-1930. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Dept. of History, Stanford University.

Gross, Daniel. (2005) Seeing red: the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the fall of détente. Thesis (B.A. with distinction)–Amherst College.

Grötzbach, Erwin. (1972) Kulturgeographischer Wandel in Nordost-Afghanistan seit dem 19. Jahrhundert. Publication: Meisenheim am Glan, A. Hain. Dissertation: Habilitationsschrift – Universität des Saarlandes, Saarmrücken.

Hadi, Ahmad Zia. (1961) Die Fluchtgründe der afghanischen Bevölkerung im Zeitraum zwischen dem April-Putsch 1978 bis zum Abzug der sowjetischen Truppen 1988 aus ihrer Heimat, mit dem Schwerpunkt auf ihre Situation in Pakistan. Thesis (doctoral)–Marburg.

Hakimi, Abdul Karim. (1953) Economic development in Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Texas at Austin.

Hala, Habib Rahman. (1965) The times of India and Anis of Afghanistan: a comparative content analytical study. Thesis (M.A.)–Michigan State University.

Hamed, Menhajuddin. (2007) The role of microfinance sector in eliminating poverty in Afghanistan: a pragmatic legal perspective. Thesis (LL. M.)–University of Washington.

Hamid, Abdul Aziz. (1987, 1974) An analysis of decision-making in the elementary school curriculum and text book development project in Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Teachers College, Columbia University.

Hamill, Clare. (2002) A critical appraisal of international peacekeeping and the role of women in Afghanistan. Thesis (LL.M.)–Center for Civil and Human Rights, Notre Dame Law School.

Hanifi, M. Jamil (1962) United States-Soviet Union economic aid to Afghanistan : a comparitive study. Thesis (M.A.)–Michigan State University of Agriculture and Applied Science. Dept. of Political Science.

Hanifi, Shah Mahmoud, Ph.D. Inter-regional trade and colonial state formation in nineteenth-century Afghanistan. University of Michigan, 2001. Published as a book:

Hanks, Reuel R. (1993) Glasnost, Islam and nationalism: Uzbekistan in the Gorbachev and post-Soviet eras. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Kansas, Geography.

Haq, Inam Ul. (1985) Afghanistan, the Soviet intervention in perspective. Thesis (M.A.)–Drew University.

Harkless, Megan M. (2001) Women hidden by a veil: an exploration of Islam and women’s rights. Thesis (Honors in International Studies)–Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

Harpviken, Kristian Berg. (1990) Political mobilisation among the Hazara of Afghanistan. Thesis (Cand. polit.)–University of Oslo.

Harvey, Michael David. (2006) Microfinance in postwar Afghanistan: towards a conflict-sensitive approach. Thesis (M. Phil.)–Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Hassas, Burhanoddin (1974, 1980) Afghanistan’s policies in the United Nations, 1947-1967. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Pennsylvania State University.

Hazel, Cynthia A., CPT. (2000) Russia & Afghanistan: future conflict? Thesis (M.S.)–Troy State University.

Heiderfazel, Assadullah. (1977) Die innenpolitische Lage Afghanistans nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg. Dissertation thesis–Heidelberg.

Helgeson, Heidi M. (2003) Prototypical shelter: disaster mitigation and reconstruction in Afghanistan. Thesis (M. Arch.)–University of Washington.

Hemming, Isabel Mary Winifred. (1997) Gender and Islam, purdah and power: the production and management of Afghan women’s health and illness. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of California, Los Angeles.

Heupel, Monika (2005) Friedenskonsolidierung im Zeitalter der “neuen Kriege” der Wandel der Gewaltökonomien als Herausforderung. Publication: Wiesbaden VS, Verl. für Sozialwiss. Dissertation: Zugl.: Bremen, Univ., Diss.

Hicks, Robert Darrell. (1958) An analysis of Afghanistan-Pakistan tensions, 1947-57. Thesis (M.A.)–Program of International relations, Stanford University.

Hirji, Faiza, (2003) The woman behind the man: politicized portrayals of Afghan Muslim women in wartime. Thesis (M.A.)–Carleton University.

Ho, Enka. (1992) USSR-Third World relations from 1950 to 1990 with special emphasis on Gorbachev’s “new thinking.” Thesis (M.A.)–United States International University, School of International Relations, San Diego Campus.

Hoaglund, Robert Francis. (1986) The Soviet intervention in Afghanistan: a comparative perspective. Thesis (M.A.)–Boston College.

Holloway, Thomas Walter. (1991) Propaganda analysis and the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Ohio State University.

Hoshmand, Ahmad Reza. (1982, 1978) Economic cooperation between Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan: an application of customs union theory. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Maryland.

Martin, Howard James. (1979) Domestic economy in three nomad societies. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Virginia.

Hughes, Michael P. (2006) Effective USAF air traffic control to support proposed Phase IV operations. Thesis–Naval War College.

Hunte, Pamela Anne. (1980) The sociocultural context of perinatality in Afghanistan. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Hunte, Pamela A. (1975) Familial structure and fertility in Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Northern Illinois University.

Hussain, Mohammad. (2003) The Hazaras of Afghanistan: a study of ethnic relations. Thesis (M.A.)–McGill University.

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Hussain, S. Iftikhar. (1991, 2000) Some major Pukhtoon tribes along the Pak-Afghan border. Peshawar: Area Study Centre ; [Islamabad] : Hanns Seidel Foundation (2000) – Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Peshawar.

Inomkhozhaev, Rahmonkhozha.(2004) Afghon ma”rifatparvarlik adabiëtining shakllanish omillari va ghoiavii-estetik asoslari. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Toshkent davlat sharqshunoslik instituti.

Jalali, Bahar. (2005) Afghanistan: 1963-1973. Thesis (Ph.D.)–University of California, Berkeley.

Jebens, Albrecht. (1982) Wirtschafts- und sozialgeographische Untersuchung über das Heimgewerbe in Nordafghanistan unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Mittelstadt Sar-e-Pul: e. geograph. Beitr. zur Stadt-Umland-Forschung u. zur Wirtschaftsform d. Heimgewerbes. Tübingen : Geograph. Inst. Diss: Zugl.: Tübingen, Univ., Diss.

Johnson, Benedicte Grima. (1989) The misfortunes which have befallen me the performance and communication of emotion gham among paxtun women. Thesis (Ph.D.)–University of Pennsylvania.

Johnson, David Ray. (1990) Soviet counterinsurgency. Thesis (M.A.)—US Naval Postgraduate School.

Jones, Jordy. (2003) Grey areas in the black market: the trade in Afghan antiquities. Thesis (M.A.)–San Francisco State University.

Jones, Robert Keith. (1986) Political order in a disordered society: a view of Soviet involvement in Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Southwest Texas State University.

Jones, Schuyler. (1971) Kalashum political organization: a study of village government in Waigal Valley, Nuristan. Thesis (D. Phil.)–University of Oxford.

Jordan, Elaine M. (1997) Real states, quasi states and social forces: a case study of Afghanistan. Thesis (M.A.)–Arizona State University.

Kadiri, Chalilullah. (1983) Das Problem des Parlamentarismus in islamischen Entwicklungsländern dargestellt an der Geschichte Afghanistans bis 1973. Bonn : Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, 1984. Dissertation: Thesis (Ph. D.)–Universität Bonn.

Kakar, M. Hasan. (1971) Afghanistan, a study in international political developments, 1880-1896. Thesis (M. Phil.)–University of London.

Kakar, Mohammed Aziz. (1976) A survey of UNESCO recommendations concerning teacher education in Afghanistan with a judgment as to their practical effects, 1949-1975. Thesis (Ph. D.)–George Peabody College for Teachers.

Kakar, Suzette Rene. (1992) A new method of collecting vital statistics in Afghanistan. Thesis (M.P.H.)–University of Washington.

Kamal, Abdul Hadi. (1954) Das Agrarland Afghanistan und seine Zukunft. Diss. – Zürich.

Kamali, Mohammad. (1975, 1976) Matrimonial problems of Islamic law in contemporary Afghanistan. Ph. D. thesis, London, 1976.

Kanishka, Ghulam Mustafa. (1979) Traditional architecture and urban pattern of Afghanistan. Thesis (M. Arch.)–Graduate School of Architecture, University of Utah.

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