Other Lists of Pashto Language Resources


Interagency Language Roundtable: Pashto Webliography. Fairly up-to-date and comprehensive list of Pashto resources. Some online resources listed are available only for U.S. military and government employees, though most are publicly accessible.

UCLA Language Materials Project: Pashto CitationsProvides descriptions for a list of 91 resources, including out of print dictionaries and textbooks.

UCLA Language Materials Project: Pashto Links
Provides additional links to Pashto-related websites.

UPenn’s LDC Language Resource Wiki: Pashto. Eclectic list of ~70 Pashto language resources. More oriented towards linguists.

Afghanistan Information CentreHundreds of Afghanistan related links. Websites in Pashto are labeled. Categories include government, business, media, weblogs and others.

So You Want to Learn a Language: Pashto. ~40 links to Pashto language resources.

Defense Language Institute’s Afghan Languages Portal. Links to DLI Pashto language resources, some of which are available only to U.S. military or government personnel.

Resources for the Pashto LanguageShort list of Pashto Resources hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. Last updated 2004.

Afghana.com: Pashtu Corner. Links to ~20 Pashto related websites. Oriented towards Pashto speakers. Many broken links.

Language Profiles

Wikipedia: Pashto Language.

Wikipedia: Pashto Media.

UCLA Language Materials Project: Pashto Profile.

Languages of the World: Pashto. From the National Virtual Translation Center. Archived from 2007.

Ethnologue: Languages of Pakistan. Provides dialect information on Pashto in Pakistan.

Ethnologue: Languages of Afghanistan. Provides dialect information on Pashto in Afghanistan.