Other Lists of Pashto Language Resources


Interagency Language Roundtable: Pashto Webliography. Fairly up-to-date and comprehensive list of Pashto resources. Some online resources listed are available only for U.S. military and government employees, though most are publicly accessible.

UCLA Language Materials Project: Pashto CitationsProvides descriptions for a list of 91 resources, including out of print dictionaries and textbooks.

UCLA Language Materials Project: Pashto Links
Provides additional links to Pashto-related websites.

UPenn’s LDC Language Resource Wiki: Pashto. Eclectic list of ~70 Pashto language resources. More oriented towards linguists.

So You Want to Learn a Language: Pashto. ~40 links to Pashto language resources.

Resources for the Pashto LanguageShort list of Pashto Resources hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. Last updated 2004.

Afghana.com: Pashtu Corner. Links to ~20 Pashto related websites. Oriented towards Pashto speakers. Many broken links.

Language Profiles

Wikipedia: Pashto Language.

Wikipedia: Pashto Media.

UCLA Language Materials Project: Pashto Profile.

Languages of the World: Pashto. From the National Virtual Translation Center. Archived from 2007.

Ethnologue: Languages of Pakistan. Provides dialect information on Pashto in Pakistan.

Ethnologue: Languages of Afghanistan. Provides dialect information on Pashto in Afghanistan.