Pashto Online Resources

Audio Learning Resources

Pashto Conversations. Provides ~140 listening exercises for free download. Accompanies Habibullah Tegey and Barbara Robson’s Pashto Conversation Manual and Pashto Conversation Tapescript published 1993 by the Center for Applied Linguistics.

Pushto Instructional Recordings. Produced in 1965 for the University of Minnesota Pakistan Peace Corps Project. Provides 16 audio files and an accompanying ~180 page text for free download. Text only represents Pashto in transliteration.

Defense Language Institute: Pashto Language Resources
Audio, interactive learning modules, and other resources intended for use by military personnel. Many resources are accessible to the wider public, though this may require free registration.

CeLCAR: Pashto Survival Phrases. ~25 words and phrases with audio.

Interactive and Multimedia Learning Resources

Defense Language Institute: GLOSS Online Language Lessons. 200+ interactive Pashto language lessons organized by difficulty. Each lesson accompanied by text, glossary, grammar notes and multiple exercises with feedback. Most lessons have an audio component. Quite useful.

Defense Language Institute: Weekly Training Events. 40+ interactive Pashto language lessons of intermediate to advanced difficulty. Each lesson accompanied by text, glossary, grammar notes and multiple exercises with feedback. Most lessons have a video component in addition to audio. Quite useful.

CeLCAR: Pashto Reading and Listening Modules. 10 lessons with audio, text, glossary and a few exercises. Requires free registration.

Web Portals
. Search online in Pashto. Encyclopedia in Pashto. Online library catalog. Search for “Russian Language Dictionaries Pushto”, “Pashto Textbooks”, etc.

Video Learning Resources

YouTube. Users have uploaded hundreds of Pashto songs, dramas, films, comedy routines and more. Everything from the British Comedy TV series ‘Mr. Bean’ dubbed into Pashto to pro-Taliban Nasheed music videos. Search ‘Pashto’ along with other terms.

VOAAfghanistan’s YouTube Channel. Hundreds of short news videos from VOA’s Ashna Television.

LearnPashto’s YouTube Channel. Over 200 instructional videos (primarily still text and pictures accompanied by audio) from Dawar Lodin.

MilitaryLinguist’s YouTube Channel. 15 instructional videos (primarily still text and pictures accompanied by audio).

PashtoStudent’s YouTube Channel. 54 instructional videos including a guide to writing Pashto. Many videos are of pages from Tegey and Robson’s Beginning Pashto Textbook accompanied by audio.

Video Podcasts

VOA Ashna Television. Daily video podcast of Ashna Television’s half hour news broadcasts. Serves as an archive for the previous 30 days of Ashna Television episodes.


VOA’s Deewa Radio

VOA’s Ashna Radio

RFE/RL Azadi Radio

CeLCAR: Pashto Language Learning Podcasts. 3 minute podcasts summarizing news from Afghanistan and the Central Asian region. 14 total podcasts, last updated 2006. Spoken in the Kandahari dialect.

Websites About Pashto Pashto Language. Lively discussion forum for Pashto language related issues. Some vocabulary and other language lessons posted by users. Pashto Language. Sections on proverbs, jokes, stories, poetry and botany. Pakhtun E-Magazine.

Transparent Language: Pashto.

Learn Pashto LanguageA blog by Abdulhadi Hairan on learning Pashto. Last updated 2009. Hairan also writes about resources for learning Pashto here.

Afghan Analysts Network: Pashto Mashto.  Blog focusing broadly on Afghan languages and culture.

Other Online Learning Resources

CeLCAR: Pashto Proficiency Testing Project. Requires free registration to take Pashto proficiency test.

CeLCAR: Pashto Writing Video Tutorial. Learn Pashto.

Itty Bitty Language Courses: Pashto. Guide to ~100 basic words and phrases in Pashto.

SAILN: Pashto. A few short texts, including introductions to basic Pashto vocabulary and more advanced reading exercises.

Commercial Software

Rosetta Stone: Pashto

Pimsleur: Pashto. Quite useful.

Eurotalk: Learn Pashto

Byki Pashto. Free limited version for download provides access to ~115 Pashto words and short phrases as interactive flashcards.

Tunein Radio. iPhone/iPad app providing access to streaming radio from Afghanistan, including Kandahar’s Rana FM.

Apple’s iTunes Store. Other Pashto-related apps for iPhone or iPad use are available for purchase.