Pashto Publishers and Booksellers

Publishers of Pashto Language Learning Material

Interlit Foundation. Peshawar.

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). Washington DC.

Sabawoon Language Services. London.

Danish Publishing Association. Kabul. Publishing company established by Asad Danish in Kabul. Website is in Pashto.

Center for the Languages of the Central Asian Region, Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana.

Star Publications. Delhi.

Asian Educational Services. New Delhi.

Center for Applied Linguistics. Washington DC. Their Pashto language materials are available online at ERIC.

Shah M Book Co. Kabul.



While the publishers listed above are reputable, some publishers and booksellers of Pashto language materials engage in questionable business practices. Some, such as, resell materials available elsewhere for exorbitant prices. Others, such as Simon Wallenburg Press, may publish poor quality or unattributed reproductions of others’ material.